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Standing orders and donations make our work possible. Your gift provides hospitality for a family visiting their incarcerated father in a neutral venue visit, the support and supervision of our volunteers, and everything in between. 



True reintegration requires the inclusion and support of members from the community. Our mentors are an invaluable source of empathy, accountability and hope for prisoners. 

Interested in mentoring a prisoner or ex-offender? Check out our role descriptions and complete an application form. 



As pillars of the community and flag bearers for forgiveness, churches are uniquely positioned to support people with offences. Release equips churches through training, safeguarding, facilitating introductions and providing ongoing support. Want to welcome an ex-offender into your congregation? Get in touch at the contact below. 



Questions or ideas? Give us a shout. | 086 044 9351 | 5 Gardiner Row, Dublin 1